What is Accord Rewards?
Accord Rewards is a new type of coalition loyalty rewards program, called a "Loyalty Exchange", operated by The Business Exchange (TBEx)

The Loyalty Exchange is exciting new innovation that allows businesses to exchange their unsold capacity or products to create Accord Rewards points.

Accord Rewards is unique due to:

  • 1. How merchants and Accord Cards holders participate.
  • 2. How the Accord Rewards are created and put into circulation.
  • 3. How the Accord Card is issued to the 85,000+ Aberdeen citizens.
  • 4. How Accord Card holders can earn and spend bigger & better rewards.
  • 5. How Accord Rewards can be earned & spent with businesses across the city. 

Why is Accord Rewards low cost? 

  • This is due to how your business creates Accord Rewards you can offer bigger and better rewards to your customers at a low cost to you, this will encourage your customers to buy from you time and time again.
  • You can create Accord Reward points not with cash, but by pledging your unsold goods or services to TBEx. 
  • This means that you create Accord Reward points at your wholesale costs.
  • The value of points you acquire will be the same as the  retail value of your goods and services pledged to TBEx.

Simple Explanation: 

  • Wholesale value of goods pledged = £500
  • Retail value of goods pledged = £1000
  • Retail Value of Accord Reward points created = £1000
  • Cost to create points is reduced to 50% of retail value

Simple system
It really is that simple, Accord Card holders receive bigger and better rewards for buying local and a good feeling that they are supporting local businesses at the same time. 

Accord cards are issued free
There is no cost for you to issue cards to your customers and the processing of points is simple to operate.