There are already 85,000+ Accord Cards issued
The Accord Card, Aberdeen City Council’s smart card scheme provides access to a variety of local and national services to over 85,000+ Accord Card holders

In cooperation with the Accord Card team, we are offering Accord Card holders the opportunity to collect and redeem Accord Rewards points from participating merchants.  

Accord Rewards provides the means for local participating merchants to promote their goods and services to enrolled Accord Card holders.

More than just a "Smart Card"
Accord Cards are Issued Free and of course if your customers don’t have an Accord Card they can obtain one for free very easily online through Aberdeen City Council’s website. See

85,000+ Accord Cards in circulation and growing

Accord Rewards are available to everybody aged 18 and over, and your customers that do not already have an Accord Card can apply for one online. It’s quick, easy and free. To take advantage of Accord Rewards, Accord Card holders must enrol in the scheme through the Accord Rewards website.