About TBEx?

The Business Exchange (TBEx) is a Capacity Trade Exchange Network where businesses can exchange their unsold capacity or products through a global marketplace without the need for cash. 

The founders Richard Logie and Linda Sim became involved in the Capacity Trade Exchange industry in 1993 and established The Business Exchange (TBEx) in 1995. Together they share a philosophy that has always been based on quality and governance of procedures.

Global Exchage Trading Systems - GETS
TBEx has developed a state-of-the-art trading system called Global Exchange Trading Systems (GETS) for the Global Trade Exchange and Loyalty industries.

Loyalty Exchange rewards system - LEx
TBEx has uniquely combined two well proven business models  1. Loyalty program and 2. Trade Exchange into one new system known as a Loyalty ExchangeWhich provides branded customer loyalty and employee reward programs with a focus on local business. Whether local businesses are looking to increase sales or to reward customers and employees, The Loyalty Exchange will provide a lost cost effective solution to meet their needs.