TBEx Benefits

TBEx Benefits 

24/7 Trading System
TBEx uses a state-of-the-art online trading portal, developed and provided by TBEx, which controls all transactions with ease – in a secure environment 24/7 to help members buy and sell.

Brings New Customers
TBEx  brings new customers to a business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by the company. This may result in more "word-of-mouth" referrals, an increased work- portfolio, more recommendations, higher visibility and more cash sales.

Is Incremental Business
Each TBEx sale is incremental business over and above regular cash-paying customers.

Pays for Purchases Out of New Sales
Businesses acquire what they need, or want, and pay for it with additional sales of their products or services.

Improves Cash flow
There are two ways to increase cash flow – reduce costs and create additional sales. TBEx  does both! TBEx  provides business owners the opportunity to acquire what they need with what they have and allows them to preserve their working capital for other needs.

Moves Excess Inventory
Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with excess products. Traditionally this inventory is discounted, sold at a loss, donated or destroyed. TBEx  offers a new way to recover full market value for these commodities without impacting the brand or cash-paying customers. By selling "off-market" to TBEx  members a business retains full control over product placement and pricing. TBEx Network matches sellers with buyers – providing a new outlet to move those products.

Helps Beat Inflation
TBEx Network  offers a way for businesses to supplement their existing income through the process of trading their excess capacity or slow moving inventory for things they need. Regardless of the amount of money in the economy a business owner can still make acquisitions, create more brand awareness, fund marketing campaigns, reward customers, improve staff moral and enhance their lifestyle by trading what they have for what they need.

Generates More Cash Sales
TBEx Network  lets businesses purchase advertising using their own products or services as payment instead of cash. This method reduces the overall cost of advertising to pennies on the pound. By trading in downtime or excess stock, a business owner can fund new promotional campaigns to attract cash-paying customers through their doors.

Provides Repeat Business
Participants will patronise other members businesses over the competition because the trade credits they have earned are spent within the TBEx Network of members.

Recovers Value From Unsold Time and Space
Time and excess production capacity are a priceless non- recoverable, non-recyclable limited commodities. Selling these through TBEx Network provides a mechanism for businesses to achieve more sales.

Increased Profits
Sales generated through TBEx Network are incremental business (over and above existing cash income). Using this new income a business owner can offset current cash and future expenses by purchasing using TBEx Network instead. The net result is more income and cash savings.

Eliminates Bad Debts
TBEx Network members pay one another at the time of sale, thereby taking the hassle out of debt collection. We also offer a unique method whereby participants can recover full value from existing at risk or overdue debts. As an TBEx Network member you receive payment in Trade Credits in advance, and every transaction you make is guaranteed with payment warranted as cash – so there’s no worry over bad debts.

Realises Value from Underperforming Assets
Participants can recover greater value versus discounting or liquidating.

Helps Enhance Lifestyle For You and Your Employees
By using new TBEx income, a business owner or their employees pay for personal expense items such as holidays, new purchases for the house, renovations, purchase health and beauty services, buy gifts, vehicle repairs and much more. Tax implications are the same as cash.

Creates Wholesale Buying Power
When members purchase using TBEx  they are buying out of the profit margin created from new sales – not their existing cash income.

Increases a Businesses Asset Base
By adding new customers and additional revenue, a business can increase its overall profitability and improve the health of its balance sheet. Increased income will offset existing purchases, freeing up cash and contributing to an overall net-profit for the business. Participants may also choose to utilise TBEx credit to invest in local enterprises, acquire property or purchase other assets.

Interest Free Finance
TBEx offers a revolving, interest-free line of credit to participants. Repayments are funded through the sale of the borrowers own goods and services and are provided based on what a business can sell, not their current turnover. This facility is only available to Pro Managed Account holders only.

Loan Repayments Cost Less Compared to Cash
Because loans are repaid through a business selling its own products or services then the repayment cost is always less than it would be with cash. In the cash economy loans are repaid out of existing cash income, not new sales.

Saves Cash on Capital Expenditures
By funding new purchases with your own products or services, the true cost of acquiring new assets for a business becomes lower. Taxable benefits may often apply.
Converting TBEx Income to Cash
A business owner can convert their unsold time or products into new items, merchandise or services that can be sold on for cash at a price well above the cost of acquiring them.

Provides a Test Market
TBEx Network offers a method of trialling new products "off market", soliciting feedback, generating referrals and testing consumer acceptance before a full product launch.

Creates a Competitive Edge
Businesses can attract customers away from their competitors. In an increasingly aggressive business environment you will become more competitive through the TBEx Network which is not open to all competitors only to Chamber members, yet attractive to your potential customers.

Better Credit Terms
TBEx Network members can access interest free loans and repay them with their own products and services. Additionally, those who repay their loans by selling gift-vouchers benefit from the delay between voucher purchase and redemption, clients loosing vouchers (which are not refundable) and breakage (only having a certain percentage of the certificate redeemed).

Protects the Local Economy (keeping it local)
TBEx Network provides ways to increase local businesses sales, improve their cash flow and to help add value to their own services. Working to help local businesses collaborate with each other while they still remain independent. Gain customer loyalty by selling their goods and services, not spending their cash. Their goods and services can be sold into the Exchange saving them cash and building relationships with local businesses and customers.

TBEx  offers a way for businesses to trade locally and mobilise the value of their products and services in a way that is more cost effective than purchasing from outside suppliers.

Promotes giving (charity donations)
Charities can accept trade credit donations and trade them for things they need.