TBEx Mutual Credit System

TBEx - The Basics 

  • TBEX is a B2B Mutual Credit Clearing System which uses a internal accounting unit call a Trade Credits.
  • Trade Credits accounts are provided to all members as an intermediary device to enable transactions to take place.
  • When you sell something, your trade credit balance is credited (increased) when your account is in a positive balance the system owes you.
  • When you buy something, your Trade Credit balance is debited (decreased) when your account is in negative balance you own the system.
  • Trade Credit account balances and transactional records are maintained by the system.
  • The B2B Mutual Credit Clearing System is 100% fully balanced where all the balances must equal zero and assets may not leave the community – if one member is in debit (negative) there is always one or more members whose accounts are in credit (positive) to the same amount.
  • Ultimately, goods and services pay for other goods and services.