Why is keeping the wealth in the local community important?

  • Community wealth is not related to the amount of cash in a community, but the amount of assets, capacity and skills.
  • Spending locally ensures that more wealth stays within the community, by businesses & consumers spending in their community, with local owned businesses everyone benefits.
  • Healthy local economies are vital to overall prosperity and a thriving social structure.
  • The local economy is more robust and the value of the money they spend and the rewards they earn continue to circulate within their local business community.
  • There is a need for an incentive program that enables local businesses to reward each other and their customers without discounting or impacting business cash flow and profit margins.

 TBEx Solution - Encourage local buying?

  • In the current economic climate, lack of credit, cash flow pressures on businesses and increasing unemployment, and recession, The Business Exchange (TBEx) are ideally placed to offer an alternative solution to local businesses.
  • This is an ideal opportunity for TBEx to deliver our service to local communities and businesses.
  • A service that can offer an alternative method to conserving cash without cutting costs, whilst increasing sales.
  • A service that can help create wealth in local communities.
  • A service that offers a low cost entry, traditionally unavailable to smaller businesses.
  • Creating a unique network of loyalty/community rewards programs throughout Scotland that can inter-trade with each other through the GETS Technology created by TBEx.