Why Keep Trade Local? 
We believe that local businesses are the heart of the local community. They generate wealth, employment and opportunity.

How to reward local buying

  • First start by incentivising local businesses to buy from local businesses. see www.tbex.com
  • Secondly by incentivising local consumers to buy from local businesses.

Why Accord Rewards?
The aim of Accord Rewards, is to incentivise 85,000+ Accord Card holders to spend their cash, within the Aberdeen business community.  

In return all we ask the Aberdeen business community to do is to Accept or Offer  them Accord Rewards points whenever they make a purchase from them. In return Accord Rewards will help to increase their cash sales and raise their profile.

What is new about Accord Rewards?
Accord Rewards is a new type of coalition loyalty rewards program, called a "Loyalty Exchange", operated by The Business Exchange (TBEx) based in Aberdeen www.tbex.com85.000+ Accord Card holders can earn & spend Accord Rewards points at participating businesses across the city.

  • It’s NEW, Innovative and Unique
  • Businesses can Reward Existing Customers
  • 85,000+ Accord Card Holders in circulation
  • It’s LOW cost For Busineses to Participate
  • It’s NOT the Dreaded Discount Voucher
  • It’s NOT a B.O.G.O.F. “Buy One Get One Free”
  • There is no "ouch" with Accord Rewards Vouchers

B.O.G.O.F. - Free Zone  
Traditional methods to encourage local buying such as discount vouchers have always impacted business cash flow and profit margins. Local business cannot offer the same discounts as the large multinationals.

There is no BOGOF's (Buy One Get One Free) here and  no dreaded discount vouchers where customers visit you once and then walk away with your money in their pocket never to be seen again.

With Accord Rewards your customers walk away with Accord Rewards in their pocket which means they will want to visit you again and again.

Increase Your Profits 
Discover the Secrets on how to make your company more profitable by using what you have to create rewards for the loyal customers you need.

You will be amazed at how much cash will be left in your bank account when you reward your most loyal customers for their business.